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Plan Your Christmas Party on Your iPhone

If the job of planning this year’s office Christmas party has fallen to you, or if you just want to get all of your friends and family together for a Christmas celebration which doesn’t involve you hiding the valuables and breakables at your house, professionally plan your Christmas party on your iPhone.

Cindy Westphalen of Cindy’s Classic Gourmet has leveraged her more than 20 years of experience in the functions and catering industry to create the Wedding Girl app. As a result, Wedding Girl is much more than just a wedding app, and can be used to plan any party or event, so why not truly have a stress free Christmas this year by putting your iPhone to work.

In the lead up to Christmas we’re going to take you through all of the intuitive, interactive and integrated features of the Wedding Girl app, to show you exactly how your iPhone can help you organise a fabulous Christmas party. We’ll start with the set up of the app.

Setup your Christmas Planning iPhone App

Wedding Girl iPhone App

Wedding Girl iPhone App

When you open the Wedding Girl app for the first time you will see a circle on the home page which asks you to start planning. By tapping the circle you will be taken to the set up screen where you can enter the date of your Christmas party, and your state so you can search local suppliers.

Now when you view the home screen of the app, you will see a countdown to your Christmas party, so you know exactly how many days until your event. Let’s use the example of Anna who is planning her office Christmas party in South Australia, and she’s had Wednesday 7 December approved by her boss as the date for the party.

Using the Party Checklist on your iPhone

With the date for the party set, Anna can now start using the planning tools within the Wedding Girl app to organise her office Christmas party. In the planning section of the app, Anna will start by using the pre-populated checklist function. This checklist contains all of the items which need to be attended to in the course of planning any event, and you can also edit the text of each checklist point, change the order of checklist points, and add your own checklist items.

The first checklist item is ‘Set a date’ which Anna has already done, so she can check off that item and look at the rest of the list. To customise the checklist to her Christmas party, Anna will look at each item and determine whether it applies to her, and when she needs to complete that item in relation to her event date. For example, Anna doesn’t need to book a minister or celebrant for her party, but she can edit that checklist point to become ‘Book a motivational speaker’ as this is always a special request from the boss.

The next checklist items ask Anna to think about the style of her event and her budget, so to begin to form an idea of these things, Anna will move over to the Shop function of the Wedding Girl app, to browse decorations, caterers and venues. ‘Look for a location which suits your event style and size’ is actually the next checklist point, which we’ll show you in the next post, where Anna has also created a guest list within the app to confirm the size of her event.


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