Launching the Wedding Girl iPhone app to Australia

Finalise Your Christmas Party Plans

Seating Plan

Seating Plan

The seating plan can be a loathsome job for any function, let alone a work Christmas party with the politics, the departments and the mix of partners. So instead of going through sheet after sheet of paper endlessly writing little names around little tables, use the intuitive Wedding Girl app Seating Plan function.

When Anna taps on the Seating Plan function she is asked to add a table, and she can keep adding tables up to the number which will be arranged in her venue – in this case eight. Back at Table 1, Anna taps on an empty seat and chooses guests from her guest list to allocate to the table. Back in seating Table 1 is now occupied by the initials of each guest seated at that table. In the list of guests at that table Anna can also drag and drop guests to different positions around the table. Scrolling across Anna can now do the same thing with the remaining tables.

Again, Anna can take the Wedding Girl app to show to her boss to get his approval for the seating plan. Anna and her boss can scroll through the list of guests on each table and check for any issues. If there is a change required, Anna simply taps on the guest’s name and they are removed from the table and she can seat a different guest in their place.

When the seating plan and guest list are both confirmed Anna can go to the Settings in the app and export the data to provide all the information to her function coordinator.

Now all that’s left to do is go through the checklist a final time to make sure nothing has been forgotten. Checking off the things she has completed – seating plan, final payments to suppliers and picking up her dress, she notices the speeches checklist point which reminds her to email her boss about writing his speech.

Anna has finally been able to enjoy the process of planning her office Christmas party thanks to her party planning iPhone app, and is looking forward to a great night. Stay tuned to see the photos of how her event turned out.


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