Launching the Wedding Girl iPhone app to Australia

Shopping and Budgeting for Your Christmas Party

Christmas Centrepiece

Christmas Centrepiece

There are few things as fun and convenient as shopping from your iPhone or iPad, and Anna is now ready to start shopping for all of the extras she needs to throw the perfect office Christmas party. In the Shop section of the Wedding Girl app which Anna has been using as a party planner, she start by having a quick look at the Bridesmaids & Mother of the Bride category to get some ideas for shopping for her own outfit. Anna bookmarks several of the stores to look at later.

While she’s thinking about what to wear, Anna also looks at the Grooms & Menswear category because she knows her boss is going to need a new suit. She shortlists three of the suppliers in the category and uses the Share option on each supplier’s listing page to email their details to her boss.

Venue 2 has also told Anna she can organise her own decorations and table centrepieces for the rooms to save a bit of money. Therefore, Anna looks at the Decorations category and decides to contact suppliers to provide a quote for chair covers and sashes, and some lighting to enhance the venue. Looking at centrepiece options Anna decides she wants a fresh look and so contacts three florists for their ideas and quotes.

Anna also decides to organise a live band from the Music & Entertainment category, and have a professional photographer to capture the entire evening so that the images can be used on the company website and in future newsletters.

She also couldn’t help but look at the delicious photos of wedding cakes on her iPhone, and from one of her favourite wedding cake suppliers she uses the Share link again, this time to post to Facebook, asking her friends’ advice about whether a work Christmas party should have a cake. Following Anna’s Facebook link to the Wedding Girl app, her friends leave their comments and suggestions on Facebook; several suggested using cupcakes as a party favour for guests to take home, and so Anna organises some quotes for these too.

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes

Now all that’s left is the wrap up of the party and knowing that most people will drink a bit too much on the night, Anna contacts Transportation suppliers to find out what sort of package deal they can offer for chauffeured cars.


Christmas Budget

Christmas Budget

As the quotes start coming in from the Christmas party suppliers, Anna can start entering them into her budget tracker tool. In the Plan section of the Wedding Girl app Anna taps on the plus sign at the top of the screen to add an item. She adds each item she has looked at, and the prices she was quoted for each.

The budget tool then tracks that amount and includes a total at the top of the screen. Anna then takes this concisely compiled information to her boss for his approval. Each cost for the event is itemised so he can easily see what he is agreeing to. Anna can now contact each of her chosen suppliers and award them the job. When the quote is confirmed and the item has been paid for, Anna can go back to the budget tracker and enter the actual amount spent.

 Updating the Guest List

To confirm a number of the quotes Anna will need to finalise her guest list and so she goes back to the guest tracker to enter in the RSVPs received. Guest have also included their dietary requirements with their RSVPs so Anna includes that information too. The numbers at the top of the Guest List screen automatically update and Anna is able to see she now has 198 guests for the pre-dinner drinks event and 78 for the dinner.


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