Launching the Wedding Girl iPhone app to Australia

Choosing a Christmas Party Venue

While this isn’t her first time planning the office Christmas party, Anna recognises the feelings creeping up on her, of being overwhelmed and alone in the sea of decorations, caterers and venues. That is why the Wedding Girl planning app has a specific planning tool for tracking your key contacts – all of those people who are there to help you with planning the big Christmas party. It is also time for Anna to put together the guest list for her Christmas party so that she can narrow down her options for the other party suppliers such as venues, catering, chair covers and party favours.

Create a Christmas Party Guest List on your iPhone

In the planning section of the Wedding Girl app, Anna can build a complete and detailed guest list for her Christmas party. The first thing she does is tap on the plus symbol at the top of the guest list function and she sees the option to select a guest from her contacts list, or add a new guest. Anna starts by adding the people who are in her iPhone address book to her Christmas party guest list as she can scroll through and search her entire phone address book without ever leaving the app.

Tapping on an address book contact automatically imports them into Anna’s guest list. From this screen she can tap whether the guest has been sent an invitation and which part of the celebration they’re coming to, and we’ll need those features later. For now, Anna taps on the arrow on the right of the guest’s name to view their individual profile. This can be added to in more detail throughout the planning stage too, but for now, Anna can update the details of her boss, who is the first guest she has entered.

In the Role field Anna types in ‘CEO’. She also goes to the Dietary field and writes ‘allergic to pepper’. This information will all be exported and provided to the venue coordinator and the caterer before the party. As Anna’s company is a large one, the Christmas party will involve a cocktail event for staff and clients, before just the staff move on to the seated dinner, and so Anna uses the ceremony box to track the pre-dinner drinks event, and the reception field to track the dinner, and ticks that her boss is attending both. Anna can also make notes and enters ‘Must be seated with easy access to the lectern for a speech’.

Closing the guest profile of her boss, Anna can go back to her guest list and add the rest of her colleagues and clients who are in her address book. If there is anyone on the guest list who is not in Anna’s address book, she simply chooses the ‘Add a new guest’ option to enter the guest’s name and role. They are now on the list ready to be tracked. Viewing the graphics at the top of her guest list, Anna can see she needs a venue which can hold 212 people for a pre-dinner cocktail event, and 85 people for the sit down dinner.

Choosing a Venue

Anna now taps on the Shop icon at the bottom of her iPhone screen to start searching South Australian suppliers to find a venue for her Christmas party. The options to search suppliers allow Anna to search by name, by category or by map, and Anna chooses categories and the scrolls through to tap on the icon ‘Venues & Wineries’. Scrolling through the list of hotels, estates, wineries and venues Anna decides to narrow her search to the Adelaide CBD using the location bar at the top of the screen, to find a venue near the office, and easily accessible for most of her clients.

Tapping on Venue 1, Anna views the photos and reads about the venue, finding that they can cater to the amount of people on her guest list. Anna taps the favourites star in the top right corner of their listing to remember them for later. Anna makes a shortlist of Venue 2 and Venue 3 and then goes back to the planning section of the app. Tapping on the Favourites icon, her three shortlisted venues are now easily accessible.

Tapping on Venue 1’s listing she scrolls down to the venue’s phone number, and taps on it to call them. Anna checks whether her chosen date is available, and asks for a quote to be sent to her for the party. She then does the same for the two other venues and waits for a reply.

Connecting to Key Contacts

The Wedding Girl suppliers return their quotes to Anna and she chooses Venue 2 for her office’s Christmas party. She now goes back into her iPhone app to the planning section to enter the direct phone number, email and mobile number for the function coordinator at Venue 2 by tapping the plus sign at the top of the screen. Again, if she has already called the function coordinator from her iPhone and added their contact details, Anna can use her address book, or she can choose to ‘Add a new contact’.

Each key contact can include all of the details you have with your iPhone contacts such as their name, company, phone numbers, email addresses and website, plus you can add a new or custom field. Venue 2 uses an in-house caterer and so Anna adds the caterer as a key contact too.

Inviting Guests

With the guest list and the venue organised, Anna can start sending out the invitations. So she goes back into the Shop function of the Wedding Girl app and chooses the Invitations & Bonbonniere category, short lists invitation designers and chooses Designer 3.

By going to the Settings icon at the bottom of the Wedding Girl screen, Anna can export all of the guest data to her email.  She can then email that information directly to Designer 3 via the Key Contacts section of the app, or from her desk at work.

Anna’s now ready to start putting the finishing touches on the event and start shopping the Wedding Girl app in earnest.


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