Launching the Wedding Girl iPhone app to Australia

Use the Wedding Girl App as a Party Planner

As one intuitive iTunes reviewer pointed out, the Wedding Girl app ‘Can also be used as a party planner!’

He is absolutely right of course, because just as Cindy’s Classic Gourmet caters to more than just weddings, so too can Wedding Girl help you plan a range of celebrations. Think about the last big party you planned, whether it was an engagement, a christening, a golden anniversary, or a 50th, 60th or 70th birthday and all of the folders, notes and papers you lugged around with you. With the Wedding Girl app you can seamlessly plan any event on the go, in the palm of your hand.


Use the Wedding Girl tools for any party:

The first thing every party needs is a guest list so you can gauge the size of the venue you need, and how your event will fit in with your budget. Using Wedding Girl you can generate a guest list by importing contacts from your phone book, as well as entering them manually.

You’ll then need a venue and you can use Wedding Girl to search the Wineries category or the Reception Venues category, and if you have somewhere with a bit of extra room, consider looking at Marquee Hire for a unique and elegant venue solution.

You’re now ready to send out the invitations, which you can track using the guest list features of Wedding Girl to tell you who has been invited, who has responded, who is coming and who is not. You’ll also be able to start using the Guest Role feature and if you’re planning a christening for example, assign titles like ‘Grandma’ ‘God Mother’ or ‘Aunt’ to each guest.

You can then start planning the style of food by choosing caterers and wine and if you’re having a sit down even you can start to set out your seating plan using the Wedding Girl tool. Then look at decorations such as chairs, chair covers, lighting, candles and flowers and again, if you are planning a christening for example search the ceremony locations for a beautiful church.


You’ll also be able to make use of the other shopping features such as marking favourite suppliers and adding them to a short list, directly contacting suppliers by tapping their phone, email or website, and sharing suppliers or photos from the app on Facebook or Twitter with your friends. Plus, you can search suppliers by category or region, as well as by using the map feature to find suppliers near you when you’re out on the road. You can also make notes on suppliers and save their images to your phone for easy reference.

The Wedding Girl to-do list is also fully customisable so you can enter all of the tasks you know you need to get done for your event, and check them off as they’re completed.

Birthdays, celebrations and parties are wonderful opportunities for family and friends to spend time together, catch up and make memories. Therefore, don’t let the hassle of planning these events stop you from organising them all together because when you use the Wedding Girl iPhone app as a party planner you’ll be able to take the stress out of any event, and enjoy the party with everyone else.


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